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Twill Care’s Most Read Women & Midlife Articles of 2022

By Twill Care Editors
December 27, 2022

As we ring in the new year, we’re reflecting on 2022 and the topics you and our other Women & Midlife members have found most interesting and helpful.

Our community members have been wanting to know everything there is to know about menopause, including how to manage tough symptoms, like headaches and dryness. Plus, you’re focused on how to stay your healthiest, eating the right foods and knowing which wellness trends are worth a try. And no surprise here, perpetually popular topics sleep, sex, and relationships made the list.

These are the Women & Midlife articles that were most read in the past year. Check out the ones you may have missed.

10. “Doctors Share Their Favorite OTC Vaginal Moisturizers and Lubes”

These recommendations from ob-gyns can help you navigate the wide variety of OTC products available for vaginal dryness.

9. “What You Should Know About Sleep in Midlife”

This infographic explains why sleep can change during perimenopause and postmenopause, and offers tips to help you rest more easily.

8. “7 Questions Every Woman over 40 May Want to Ask a New Doctor”

It’s important to find a doctor whom you can trust and have an open dialogue with. Ask these questions as you search for the right provider.

7. “5 Wellness Trends Women Are Trying in Midlife”

From fire cupping to a sound bath, certain complementary and alternative therapies are growing in popularity. See what others think after trying them and decide whether any of them might be right for you.

6. “Fixes for 5 Headaches We Get in Midlife”

Experts explain how to know what’s causing your headaches and how to relieve them.

5. “Menopause Basics: What You Should Know Before It Starts”

Although everyone may experience perimenopause and menopause a little differently, it can help you feel less caught off guard if you know how it tends to go.

4. “4 Reasons to Start Scheduling Sex Now”

Some couples swear by penciling in sex on their calendars. Here’s why it can work.

3. “Experts Share the 7 Foods Women Over 50 Should Be Eating”

Eating the right foods can help with perimenopause symptoms like hot flashes and offer other health benefits.

2. “7 Menopause Symptoms Caused by Your Changing Hormones”

Throughout perimenopause, a person’s hormones will go through a series of changes that can affect them in a variety of ways. Find out some of the most common ones.

1. “5 Things Women Wish Their Partners Knew About Menopause”

You may want to share this article with a loved one! Here’s what others wish they could have communicated with their partners when going through menopause.

Which Twill Care articles did you find most informative or helpful? And what would you like to see in the future? Comment below.