4 Reasons to Start Scheduling Sex Now

By Ryn Pfeuffer
July 12, 2022

Few things sound less sexy than penciling in a time to make love, but the fact is, as we reach midlife and the demands on our time grow, wanting sex and getting sex can be two different things. The fact is that if you want to have sex on the regular, you may want to schedule it.

"As adults, we tend to put important things on our calendars," says Robin Buckley, a couples coach in Rye, New Hampshire, and author of Voices from the Village: Advice for Girls on the Verge of Adulthood. "For many of us, if it isn't on our calendars, it doesn't happen."

Why Scheduling Sex Can Make Sense for Midlife Couples

Talking about sex can be an extremely vulnerable and nerve-wracking thing (that's probably why it's a popular topic in anonymous online relationship forums like Reddit). Having a date penciled in takes the pressure off. Don’t talk. Just feel.