How to Build a Better, Less-Stressful To-Do List

By Shelley Levitt
January 05, 2023

The humble to-do list can help us set our intentions and priorities, and serve as a reminder for tasks that may otherwise slip our attention. When done the right way, our to-do lists serve as the North Star of our workday, the roadmap to our personal life, the secret sauce to success.

But more often than not, we overstuff our lists with more than we can accomplish in a month, and hope that the items will magically assemble themselves into a useful order. Instead of feeling organized and motivated, we're left with too much unfinished business and more lost than when we started.

6 Ways to Create a More Effective To-Do List

If your to-do list has you feeling more stuck than structured, these six tips will help you create one that is organized, reasonable, and specific.