A pregnant person talking to her partner in a park

How to Talk About Your Emotions During Pregnancy

By Twill Care Editors
May 13, 2024

Emotions can be intense during pregnancy. At times, you might feel joyful, excited, nervous, or scared—even all of the above!

In this video, Jessie Everts, Ph.D., a clinical liaison at Twill and a licensed therapist focusing on perinatal mental health, explains there’s no one way to feel while you’re pregnant. All emotions are valid—even the more difficult ones.

An important way to handle difficult feelings is to talk about them. But opening up about our emotions isn’t always easy. Everts offers some strategies for having these important conversations. She also makes some suggestions for handling difficult feelings after giving birth.

For more support handling difficult emotions during and after pregnancy, go to the Postpartum Support International website.

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