A Raw Look at Stress and Mental Health in Pregnancy

By Elena Donovan Mauer
December 14, 2022

Many people talk about the ups and downs of pregnancy: That feeling of excitement to meet your new little human, uncomfortable symptoms like nausea, and even the stress of getting everything ready in time for your due date. But we don’t hear as much about the truly deep and difficult feels that can also crop up at this time.

It’s common to experience worry about finances, insecurities about one’s body, fears about being a bad parent, and mental health struggles while pregnant, according to a recent study created by Nonfiction Research in partnership with Twill. Among the findings: 57% of study participants said they experienced difficult or dark feelings during their most recent pregnancy. More than half also reported having feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

Most study respondents said they felt alone in their difficult feelings. And many said they didn’t even feel comfortable talking to their ob-gyn about them.

But, in a new podcast, they’re getting honest about how they really felt.

The Invisible Weight of Pregnancy is a four-episode audio documentary in which people share their experiences with dark emotions while expecting a baby. It explores ways the healthcare system and providers can improve emotional care for expectant and postpartum parents.

We hope that this candid conversation makes people feel less alone in their mental health struggles during and after pregnancy, and inspires positive change in providing support for those who need it.

Trigger warning: This podcast takes an unfiltered look at people’s experiences during pregnancy. Their stories are raw and unedited, and include topics like miscarriage and suicide.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other podcast app by searching for “invisible weight.”

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