Black Maternal Mental Health: 5 Resources Making a Difference

By Cheryl S. Grant
Reviewed by Jessie Everts, Ph.D.
July 18, 2022

Black Maternal Mental Health Week 2022 is July 19–25. Created in collaboration with mental health leaders, government officials, and nonprofit organizations from all across the United States, this week is intended to build awareness around disparities in Black maternal mental health and help give all families and birthing people the respect, rights, and resources they deserve..

Pregnancy and parenting are beautiful and often joyous experiences. But for many, these life changes can also create or worsen mental health challenges. And many roadblocks can get in the way of prioritizing parental mental health—especially for Black women.

It’s well documented that disparities in healthcare start early in the pregnancy and parenting journey. Black American women are more likely to have complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. After birth, Black women are more likely to experience postpartum depression.