9 Ways to Cope with Stressful Situations

By Kerry Weiss
Reviewed by Susan Ko, Ph.D.
January 23, 2023

Giving a presentation, going through a breakup, losing a loved one—everybody experiences a stressful life event at one point or another. “You know the saying that only two things in life are universal: death and taxes? Well, it's actually stress, death, and taxes,” says Josh Briley, Ph.D., a Texas-based licensed clinical psychologist and fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

In some cases, the source of that stress can be positive—like a graduation party, wedding, or job promotion. “But your body still responds in a stressful manner,” Briley says. “There’s still a lot to do, and it feels like there’s not enough time to do it.”

The good news? Acknowledging what you’re feeling is the first step toward coping with stress.