Ease Stress by Tuning In to Your Body—Here’s How

By Helen Brown, Ph.D.
May 17, 2022

Are you quick to notice when your body temperature rises, the digestive motions of your stomach, or when your heart rate increases? This ability to sense the internal goings-on of your organs and systems is called interoception. When you perceive these signals, you’re tapping into the channel of communication between your body and brain, which is pretty incredible.

So, why is it important for our brains and bodies to talk to each other?

Essentially, many of our body’s needs and processes are revealed to us in the form of sensations. On a basic level, these sensations occur when our body sends signals to our brain to drive us to meet our needs and keep our organs and systems ticking as they should. For example, when we feel hungry, we often also feel “hangry”—hunger’s emotional sidekick—which lets us know we’re due another dose of calories and motivates us to seek out our next meal.