4 Ways to Get Past a Down Day

By Homaira Kabir
July 15, 2022

I grew up believing that being happy all the time was the way to live. Yet I struggled with negative emotions every so often. Perhaps I struggled with them even more because I believed they "shouldn't" happen. I resisted them, suppressed them, kept them hidden like dark secrets of the soul. And we all know what happens when we put the lid on a boiling pot: It boils over, leaving a mess everywhere.

It was only much later that I learned that all emotions are part of life because they're protective. Fear and anxiety are often signals to be on guard and prepare well. Sadness may point to deeper needs that are unaddressed, or simply a reminder to step back from happiness for a while. After all, trying to be happy all the time is tiring; although it does us good to feel good, Aristotle did remind us of the "golden mean," the ideal middle between any two extremes.

I'm now learning to accept down days as part of life. Just like my body needs a break when I've pushed it beyond its limits, my mind sometimes wants to be left alone for a while. I need to give it the space to do so, while remembering not to feed the misery, so that it leaves when it's ready.