What Is Alloparenting All About?

By Sara Stewart
January 20, 2023

It sometimes seems like women have two choices over the course of their lives when it comes to motherhood: Become one or not.

But there are choices in between, too. Many women have caregiving relationships with other people’s kids—whether of a relative or a friend—and it can be one of the most uniquely rewarding experiences you can have, particularly as you reach midlife, past the point where these decisions are often made.

What Is Alloparenting?

Claudia Zelevansky, 47, manages a nonprofit theater company in New York City. In her free time, she often takes her young niece and nephew, who live nearby, on outings. It’s the perfect relationship for Claudia, who doesn’t have children of her own and is at a place in her life where she’s established a thriving, busy career—but loves being able to spend quality time with her sister’s children.