Twill Care’s Most Read Pregnancy Articles of 2022

By Twill Care Editors
December 27, 2022

It’s been an exciting year! Since Twill Care for Pregnancy launched in March, we’ve enjoyed getting to know you and the rest of the community. Along the way, we’ve published a variety of articles, videos, and infographics to help you through pregnancy and the newborn stage.

Many of the most popular topics centered around maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy: what foods to eat and avoid, how much water to drink, and how to stay moving. Plus, community members have been interested in ways to navigate mental health challenges, like anxiety, how to actually get some sleep when you have a newborn, and important things to know about each trimester as you look forward to your due date. Have you checked out all of these?

10. “How Much Water Should You Drink During Pregnancy?”

Get info on why hydrating is so important and find tips on how to get enough fluids while you’re expecting.

9. “7 Nutrition Tips to Fuel a Healthy Pregnancy”

Confused by all the nutrition advice out there? We’ve simplified healthy eating during pregnancy by breaking it down to seven easy-to-follow tips.

8. “How to Manage Anxiety During Pregnancy”

Experts offer strategies that can help you ease worry, find more relaxation, sleep better, and find support.

7. “6 Tips for Managing Sleep with a Newborn”

During the early months, you’ll need to wake around the clock for care, feeding, and diaper changes. Here’s how to get through it.

6. “Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy—and What to Eat Instead”

Know which foods could pose risks for you and your baby. And get ideas on what you can enjoy that’s safe and nutritious.

5. “Your Guide to First-Trimester Tests and Screenings”

Wondering why there are so many tests in early pregnancy? This handy guide explains what your doctor is looking for, how each test is administered, and what the results mean.

4. “6 Rules to Follow for a Healthy Pregnancy”

Caring for yourself and your baby when you’re expecting comes down to a few important guidelines, explains ob-gyn Carolyn Harraway-Smith in this video.

3. “5 Ways to Change Your Exercise Routine While Pregnant”

It’s important for most pregnant people to stay active, but it’s also important to know what exercises are safe and what might need to change as you approach your due date.

2. Month-by-Month Timeline Infographics

These three infographics offer a visual depiction of common concerns and fetal growth during each month of pregnancy.

1. Trimester Guide Articles

Take a deeper dive into typical symptoms, doctor’s appointments, tests, mental health concerns, and fetal development for each trimester. You have the option of giving these articles a read or a listen.

Which Twill Care articles did you find most informative or helpful? And what would you like to see in the future? Comment below.