The 6 Best Podcasts for People with Psoriasis

By Jené Luciani
July 06, 2020

There’s no question that having psoriasis affects your daily life. We know we can always rely on our doctors, the internet hive, and even books and articles for friendly advice. But did you know that there’s a bevy of additional resources right at your fingertips, that just might be music to your ears? Here are six podcasts that can provide perspective, advice, education, and inspiration for people living with psoriasis.

Psound Bytes

The official podcast of the National Psoriasis Foundation, Psound Bytes is chock-full of tips, information and resources for people with the disease, as well as their family members, friends, and providers. Every other Tuesday, the podcast interviews world-renowned experts in the field, and shares tools to help you thrive.

The Psoriasis Geek

In her weekly(ish) podcast, Gemma Boak promises to teach you how to heal from the inside out. The English podcast personality uses her own experiences with the condition, educational anecdotes, and inspirational stories to help others dealing with the disease.

Psoriasis: What’s Beneath the Surface

In this series for healthcare professionals produced by ReachMD, healthcare providers are guided on diagnosing, treating, and caring for patients with this disease. And while it’s intended for medical pros, but you, too, can listen in to hear what cutting-edge psoriasis information is out there.

The Healthy Skin Show by Skinterrupt

Clinical nutritionist, skin-rash expert, and self-proclaimed eczema warrior Jennifer Fugo tackles everything skin-related in this show, putting an emphasis on chronic conditions. Fugo talks about what isn’t talked about in the exam room, so you can “get your healthy skin (and your life) back.”

Talking Health with Dr. Sally Cockburn

Also known as Dr. Feelgood, Australia’s Dr. Sally Cockburn is a leading health communicator and general practitioner with more than 25 years of experience. She covers an array of health concerns, with one recent episode dedicated specifically to psoriasis.

Sibling Veganry

Interested in giving up meat and dairy in an effort to reduce inflammation? Vegan eating is the focus of this podcast, hosted by a vegan brother and sister duo, one of which lives with psoriasis.