Set Healthy Boundaries and Make Time for Self-Care: A Webinar with Stella Grizont

September 30, 2022

In the course of an average day, how often do you put the needs of your family, boss, and job above your own? Days of skipped meals, late nights, poor sleep, and mile-long to-do lists can add up, leading to resentment, exhaustion, and burnout. Carving out time to focus on your needs is key. But knowing where to set boundaries—and sticking by them—can be another mountain to climb, especially if you’re exhausted.

In a webinar with positive psychology expert Stella Grizont, she'll show you practical ways to find more “me time” in your day. Learn how to say no with kindness and without guilt, arrange your schedule to start setting healthy boundaries, and use self-care practices to fuel work and nourish relationships.