How One Artist Is Bringing Hope to Others with Psoriasis

May 31, 2022

By day, she’s a lawyer in the Philippines, but the rest of the time, 27-year-old Annelyse Camille C. Andal is known as Resting Itch Face (@_restingitchface), an artist who advocates for acceptance and body positivity on behalf of people with psoriasis and other chronic illnesses. Through her digital illustrations, Anneylse shares others’ stories—including ups and downs, pain and healing, and everything in between—to let people know they’re not alone.

We talked to Annelyse to hear more about her experience with psoriasis, how a diagnosis led her to art, and how sharing her illustrations online has helped her and others cope with chronic illness.

What was your journey to your psoriatic diagnosis like?

Ever since I was young, I’d regularly find a random rash or two on my body. I also struggled with a bunch of symptoms such as joint pain, muscle aches, stomach problems, migraines, and fainting spells all throughout high school and until I was in law school. These symptoms tend to magnify when I’m stressed or when I’m going through a major life change.