How to Stay Body Positive When Everyone’s Talking About Weight Loss

By Stacey L. Nash
February 02, 2023

There’s nothing wrong with using the new year as a starting point for self-improvement. But adopting healthier habits and practicing self-care doesn’t have to mean changing our bodies, despite what popular culture and social media might have us believe.

Advertisements this time of year often come with messaging that subtly (or not so subtly) tells us that our bodies aren’t enough in their current form. It can feel like every conversation, from Twitter threads and TikTok trends to discussions with family and friends, is centered around losing weight or changing some aspect of how we look.

This can make practicing body positivity a challenge. But research suggests that changing our attitudes around dieting and eating in general, rather than actually losing weight, may lead to more lasting, positive changes to our psychological well‑being.