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Peek Inside a New Type of Birthing Center, Owned by Black Midwives

By Twill Care Editors
April 11, 2023

Black Maternal Health Week is April 11–17. This week is intended to build activism, community, and awareness to help end racial disparities, reduce maternal mortality rates, and give all families the respect, rights, and resources to have healthy pregnancies and births.

“When you go into mainstream care, you can just be automatically seen as a risk factor, just because of the color of your skin,” says Kimberly Durdin. She’s a midwife and co-owner of Kindred Space LA in Los Angeles. Durdin is referring to the fact the Black women are more likely to experience pregnancy complications and even die during childbirth.

“There are higher risk factors in our community but it’s not inherent,” says Durdin. There are many things that can help any pregnant person have a healthy pregnancy and birth. These include access to healthy food, clean air and water, recreation, and quality prenatal care.

Durdin and her business partner, midwife Allegra Hill, are working to provide quality care for Black families in South Los Angeles. Watch the video to peek inside their birthing center and see how they’re making a difference.

Soon, Durdin and Hill will be subjects of a documentary film. The film will help spread the word about how accessible Black midwifery care can help reduce racial disparities. See more at

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