How to Make Exercise a Hobby Instead of a Chore

By Erica Patino
Reviewed by Susan Ko, Ph.D.
February 17, 2023

For many of us, the aim to work more movement into our days doesn’t always translate into action. We may have every intention of getting those steps in or hitting that workout class, but often, reality looks a little different as exercise slides lower and lower on our to-do lists.

Why Can Getting Regular Exercise Be Such a Struggle?

“The most common mistake I see when people start a new exercise routine is that they commit to doing more than they can handle in their present season of life,” says Natasha Caleel, an occupational therapist and wellness coach based in Santa Barbara, California.

There’s no shame in admitting that you have limited time for workouts each week, or want to stick with the kinds of exercise you’re already familiar with—in fact, realizing that early on and planning accordingly may better set you up for success.