10 Instagram Accounts for If You’re Considering Going Gray

By Bailey Miller
October 21, 2021

For generations, women have used berries, leaves, twigs, and many chemicals to keep their youthful hair color alive. But in 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many women used the opportunity to avoid the difficult “growing in” period (when the roots don’t match the rest of the hair) and embrace their grays. The trend has gone viral, with many social media influencers now sporting silver hair and using hashtags to build the sisterhood.

These 10 Instagram influencers are particularly fun to follow and truly challenge the stereotypes of what gray hair means. Their accounts show that there are positives found in all parts of the aging process, and especially in embracing our authentic selves. If you’re looking for uplifting, encouraging voices as you manage your gray-hair transition, be sure to check them out.

1. Katie Goes Platinum (@katiegoesplatinum)

Katie’s account focuses on providing helpful tips for those afraid to jump right into going gray. She tells us: “If people are afraid, they should think about why they’re afraid. Are they afraid they’ll look old? Unkempt? That their partner won’t find them attractive? That they might have trouble getting a job?” She explains on her account (and blog, KatieGoesPlatinum.com) why these fears shouldn’t stop us and how we might overcome them.

Katie also features real, uplifting stories of women moving through their gray-hair journey, which may help you through yours. The influencer offers encouragement and a soft landing place to share fears, and she asks thought-provoking questions: “What’s the worst that could happen if you went gray and you hated it? There’s no shame in going back to the dye. So why not just take a chance and see if you like it?”

2. Nina of Naturally Graysful (@naturally_graysful)

If you’re looking for an uplifting account to follow as you go gray, Nina’s is for you. By encouraging her followers to “embrace your gray hair with confidence,” Nina guides those who may be feeling frustrated with their gray hair to focus on self-love instead. She’s also a mom, adding another layer of actionable tips, like how to deal with graying hair that feels dry and answering rude questions from strangers.

In one post, she explains: “Give yourself the time to transform into the beautiful butterfly you always were. You just needed time to see that it did not stop with a different color of hair.” What better endorsement could there be?

3. Gray Hair Cheerleader (@alliegrowsgray)

Allie shows that going gray isn’t limited to a certain age. “For me, the right age to go gray was 30, and now I am not looking back,” she says. “The right age to go gray is however old you are when you feel ready.”

Allie tells us that she was tired of hearing from people who kept trying to shame her for being too young to have gray hair: “Comments like ‘you’re too young to go gray!’ or the act of attaching the color gray to an age is simply silly.” Whether you’re 40 or 60, check out Allie’s page to feel empowered about embracing whatever is happening to your appearance while it happens.

4. Loc’d N ‘Lettos (@locdnlettos)

Loc’d N Lettos is the perfect account to follow for anyone who needs positive motivation and optimism while they’re going gray. Her motto? “Go out there and do Greyt things!” That’s exactly the kind of inspiration you’ll get if you follow her.

Her account includes a lot of energetic motivation, makeup tips, hilarious captions, and a general dose of feel-good energy that serves as a great reminder that we’re only ever the age we allow ourselves to be.

As she says in one post: “You gotta be able to make it work in any situation.” Who can argue with that?

5. Karen of Grateful and Gray (@gratefulandgray)

“Having fun is the key to the fountain of youth in my book,” Karen says in one post.

Whenever you’re struggling to find positivity in your midlife experience, head over to Karen’s account for some inspiration. Her posts serve as a great resource for anyone feeling a little nervous about taking the gray-hair plunge.

She talks about the many women who helped her on her path, and also all the questions she encounters. In the end, she believes her account is a place where she can pay it forward. “It’s about so much more than hair,” she says in a recent post. We couldn’t agree more.

6. Jin of Aging with Style and Grays (@agingwith_style_and_grays)

Jin’s account is dedicated to inspiring and being inspired by women who are moving through their gray-hair journeys. Her account is a mix of fitness videos, encouraging words, inspiring quotes, and a healthy dose of positive energy.

She’s all about beating the “comparison blues,” saying in one post: “It’s not about comparing or trying to be better than someone else. It’s about encouraging, motivating, inspiring one another, and having fun.”

If you have ever been fearful of growing older or the process it takes to get there, Jin’s take on the whole thing will feel refreshing in all the best ways. “Growing older or looking older does not scare me. Actually I’m more excited about life than ever before,” she says in a recent post. We could all use more of this enthusiasm.

7. Debbie of Stages of Grey (@stagesofgrey)

Debbie’s account uplifts those in their gray-hair journey and empowers women to be the best they can be.

Debbie tells us that her main mission is to challenge stereotypes and liberate women into embracing their whole selves. “I was tired of chasing my roots every two weeks because, as women, we’ve been taught gray hair is aging and ugly,” she says. “I decided I was done buying into those lies, and it has been the most liberating, greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.”

Follow her account for encouragement and positivity every step of the way.

8. Tracy of Silver Is My New Normal (@silverismynewnormal)

Tracy has the perfect account to inspire you throughout your gray-hair journey—and all of the pieces that come with it.

“Growing out my grey hair has been one of the best things I have done for myself in years,” Tracy says in a post. “I did it for me and my health, and I’m delighted to receive the compliments and DMs from women embarking upon their own grey hair journeys too.”

Her account also features advice on self-care, beauty, hair-care, and more. It often feels more like a friend helping you through all your most pressing questions.

9. Vanessa of Silver Liberation (@silverliberation)

Vanessa is a life coach whose account focuses on “teaching women to love themselves from the inside out,” she says on her Instagram profile.

Vanessa describes in a recent post that “letting go of the hair dye, as well as completely changing my diet and lifestyle years ago, has brought the most profound opportunity for me to expand and grow in my own life.”

If you view going gray as something that is about more than just hair, she’s a great person to follow.

10. Elisa Berrini Gómez (@elisaberrinigomez)

Elisa is a YouTuber who preaches “cool, confident, radical self acceptance,” she says in one of her many Instagram posts. Her look is at the same time effortlessly cool, a little glamorous, and very spunky.

She believes in empowering other women and pressing on through insecurities. Whether you’re in need of advice about going gray or just want a supportive, friendly face to follow, Elisa’s account offers it all.

As she says in a recent post: “I am so proud of me. Go ahead. Zoom in. You can see my freckles or age spots. You can see my wrinkles or laugh lines. You can see my worry lines or lines of struggles that got me to be this champion in self love that I am today. I am so proud of me. For decades, I sold myself to the lowest bidder just not to feel the pain of self hatred. And now, well now there is no bidder high enough for me.”

She believes if she can do it, you can, too. And that’s everything.

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