How to Handle Cold Weather When You Have Psoriasis

By Leah Campbell
December 22, 2022

Does your psoriasis seem to flare up when the temperature drops? It does for Kristina Fulk. Twenty-eight-year-old Kristina has been living with psoriasis since she was a baby, and with psoriatic arthritis for the last five years. She notices her arthritis symptoms getting worse in cold conditions. “It definitely makes the pain from the arthritis so much worse,” Kristina says. “When the arthritis flares, usually the psoriasis does, too.”

In fact, about 60 percent of people living with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis notice a difference in the winter months, according to findings reported by The National Psoriasis Foundation.

So, what is it about cold weather that causes some people to experience an influx in symptoms? And what can you do to prevent or manage this? Here’s what we know.