Are You Making the Right Resolutions?

By Homaira Kabir
January 02, 2023

What is it about resolutions? They're so exciting to set but so hard to keep. As a coach, I spend a lot of time figuring out what will help my clients stick to the intentions they set for their lives. Here’s what I’ve learned: We usually go about our goals like an adult forcibly trying to get a lazy, unruly, or unmotivated child to do what’s right.

If you’re a parent, or have worked with kids, you likely know that this top-down strategy rarely works, especially in the long term. Even if you’re successful in reaching your goal, the journey is miserable; you get to the end and realize that you lost something precious along the way.

It’s the same with our goals because there’s a little child in all of us. Some of us know it as the primitive part of the brain that’s motivated to run away from discomfort and hard work and make a beeline toward pleasure. But this impoverished understanding of the inner self disconnects us from our true power.