“I Felt Seen and Understood:” How One Woman Found Success with Her Psoriasis Treatment

By Bailey Miller
May 03, 2023

For many, finding the right psoriasis treatment is a long journey, but the payoff can be incredible. Finding the right treatment often means finding the right partner in your care, too. In this video, Reena, a woman who was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 14, explains how she found a compassionate doctor in her dermatologist, Geeta Yadav, M.D.

Before finding a dermatologist who really took the time to listen to her, Reena had tried many treatments, without much success. Exhausted by trial and error, Reena wasn’t managing her skin carefully. When she met Yadav, things changed. Here, Reena and Yadav describe Reena’s journey to symptom relief with the help of biologic treatment.