7 Holiday Activities That Are Also Well-Being Boosters

By Kaitlin Vogel
December 08, 2022

The holiday season is meant to raise our spirits, but as the days get longer and darker, and obligations start to stack up, it can also bring its share of challenges. The same social whirl that brings joy can also make it more challenging to prioritize your wellness. No matter what holiday you celebrate or how chaotic your schedule, it’s more essential now than ever to carve out time to find joy and savor the season.

But you don't have to rack your brain trying to figure out how to fit a self-care session into all your other holiday activities. Turns out, many of our favorite winter traditions come with equal doses of nostalgia and wellness.

As you’re planning out your holiday schedule, keep these activities in mind that not only are festive but also may boost your well‑being.