Help for Coping with Emotional Trauma Following a Mass Shooting

By Sharon Boone
January 23, 2023

Another heartbreaking incident, another thunderclap of random violence and senseless death. With the news of yet another mass shooting, many of us have been reeling. And even after the shock of the moment has crystallized into mourning and grief, we may still find ourselves struggling with feelings of fear, despair, even perhaps anger. "Everyone has their own personal reaction, ranging from feeling numb and in a daze to being hypersensitive and flooded with emotions," says Murray Zucker, M.D., a psychiatrist and Twill's chief medical officer. "And all of that is normal."

It's more important than ever to find strategies to help us not only find ways to cope with these powerful emotions, but also to address the trauma these events may have caused.

For people who are especially vulnerable, such as those with PTSD, past traumatic episodes, those struggling with addiction or eating disorders, or previous depression or anxiety, news of mass shootings and other violent events may be triggering, says Zucker.