GoodNight News
A Bedtime Story for Adults

Goodnight News

By Sharon Boone
February 23, 2023

In the cozy bedroom

The stage is set

Time for quiet slumber

But let us not forget

lighted bedroom illustration

The wind-down ritual that still needs to unwind

So now's a good moment for us to remind

Time to get settled

Time to make tracks

Climb into bed, stretch out, relax


Goodnight news

Goodnight tablet, and TV, and phone screen, too

Goodnight street lights that shine so bright

Time to close the curtains

Time to turn off the lights

darkened bedroom illustration

Goodnight reminders and lists and to-dos

You'll be there tomorrow, I'll get back to you

desk illustration

Goodnight Twitter, goodnight Zoom

Goodnight house and cozy bedroom

bedside table illustration

Inspired by Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown; words: Sharon Boone; illustrations: Ella Lama