Improving Your Cooking Skills May Boost Your Mental Health

By Twill Care Editors
April 26, 2024

What goes into your body matters for feeling your best. But truthfully, prepping feel-good, delicious foods can be more difficult when you don't quite know what you're doing around the kitchen. Brushing up on your cooking skills not only means you're better equipped to dish out tasty meals, but it also can boost your confidence and improve how you feel about your mental well‑being, research suggests.

In an Australian study, participants who took part in a 7-week cooking program saw improvements in their cooking confidence and satisfaction as well as their ability to change eating habits and overcome lifestyle barriers. Participants also reported improved mental health and general health.

Invest in a cooking class, find a free one offered locally, or even pore over some instructional videos online. May we suggest giving these bold black bean burgers a whirl?

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