We've changed our name to Twill Care

Why We Changed Our Name and What It Means for You

July 11, 2022

By now you’ve noticed that we’ve changed our name from Kopa to Twill Care. Here’s why we made the change and what it means for your experience within our communities.

Why did you change the name from Kopa to Twill Care?

Our parent company (formerly called Happify Health) started as a single wellness app. The company has evolved over the years, and so our name has changed to capture everything we offer today. Our new company name, Twill, brings all our products together under one brand.

How does this affect me?

Our mission—healing all people, one person at a time—and our values remain unchanged. We offer the same quality experience, features, and robust community we did before, but with a new name and a fresh look. It’s also more closely aligned with our company’s other offerings, to better help our members care for their health and well‑being.

What other apps are in the Twill family?

Twill builds digital products to support the care journey of people with specific health needs. Those products include Twill Care, Twill Therapeutics, and Happify.

Twill Care is a place where you can manage your care journey with the support of peers and medical experts, and you’ll find digital tools and informative content to help you along the way.

Twill Therapeutics is an app that can be accessed by eligible Twill Care members. It houses all of our company’s personalized digital therapeutics and well‑being products.

Happify is a free app that features science-backed activities and games designed to build essential skills and navigate life’s challenges.

What does the name Twill mean?

Twill is a type of fabric made by weaving together threads to create a stronger, more practical and usable fabric. It is a metaphor for what we do as a company. We weave digital health solutions that support you as you navigate specific conditions, life stages, or health needs.

Do I need to do anything differently to access the website/app?

No, you can access Twill Care the same way you accessed Kopa. If you’re logging in to the Kopa website, you’ll automatically be redirected to Twill Care. Going forward, the new web address will be care.twill.health, in case you want to update your bookmarks or start going there directly.

If you use our mobile app, you don’t need to download anything new, but the first time you go to open the app, you'll see a pop-up that requires you to update your app to the latest version. After updating, you’ll see that the old Kopa app has changed to Twill Care. Although the name and look are different, everything else in our community has stayed the same!

Is the community still free to use?

Yes, absolutely. You’ll still be able to access the great support, tools, and content in our Twill Care communities free of charge.

Wait, I have another question!

If you’d like to ask us another question, please contact our team at support@care.twill.health and we’ll be happy to help.