Margarita Tarragona

Change Your Life Story for the Better

Provided by Magnolia
May 27, 2022

Telling stories is not just a way to entertain, it’s also how we try to make sense of the world and our place in it. Our life stories shape our identity and the way we narrate our experiences directly influences our well‑being. So, what is the story you tell—to yourself and others—about who you are? Do you drive the action in your life or do events just seem to happen? Is yours a tale of happiness or one of woe? As it turns out, you have control of your own narrative.

In a webinar led by psychologist and coach Margarita Tarragona, Ph.D., discover how to transform your story into one that is more optimistic, more inspirational, and more profound. Through practical and meaningful exercises, you’ll learn how to identify dominant narratives that get in the way of your happiness, shift your mindset and find evidence of your strengths and achievements, and weave these experiences into coherent narratives to reframe your life story.