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5 Birth Plan Examples to Inspire You to Write Yours

By Stacey Feintuch
February 08, 2024

Writing a birth plan can help you express your preferences before, during, and after childbirth. If you’re not sure where to start, looking through the details and format of others’ birth plans can help.

We asked women around the country to share their plans, along with how their babies’ deliveries went. Each one is as unique as the person who wrote it.

No matter what type of childbirth you’re envisioning—at home, in a hospital, via cesarean section, for multiples, with or without pain medication—you’re sure to find inspiration in these sample birth plans and stories.

Birth Plan Example 1: C-Section Plan with Baby Bonding

c-section birth plan example page 1

c-section birth plan example page 2

c-section birth plan example page 3

After her first baby’s birth didn’t go how she wanted, Michelle wanted to be more prepared for her second child’s delivery. She created a detailed plan for her scheduled C-section. It included preferences to keep the baby close to her during their time at the hospital. See the exact C-section birth plan Michelle gave her team, which outlined her and her partner’s top goals overall, as well as their specific goals for delivery, after delivery, and newborn care.

Birth Plan Example 2: Simple Plan for Giving Birth at Home

simple one page birth plan example

Miranda kept her plan short and sweet: a simple, one-page birth plan with her preferences organized into six categories. Her labor and delivery care plan included her desire for a water birth and for hypnobirthing techniques and positions to be part of her birthing experience. She also included comfort measures like fans and washcloths, movement, massage, and other natural pain management. For delivery, she wanted a dimly lit room with her favorite TV show on in the background.

Read more about Miranda’s birth story, including how she wrote her plan and how she adapted to unexpected challenges.

Birth Plan Example 3: Hospital Birth Plan with Epidural Pain Relief

Amanda’s labor plan was to be induced—with a Plan B of going into labor on her own. She also planned to have an epidural to help ease labor pain for her vaginal delivery. Her plan included some special health considerations for her baby and preferences to keep the baby close after she was born.

Check out the rest of Amanda’s birth story, including why her birth plan was so important to her and how it came into play when it was time to deliver her baby.

Birth Plan Example 4: Twin Birth and Postpartum Care Plan

twins birth plan example page 1

twins birth plan example page 2

Katarina delivered two babies and had two plans: one for the birth and one for postpartum care at home. Her C-section birth plan included the way she wanted her incision to be sutured and a music playlist. Her postpartum plan was important to her, as she had family members staying with her and helping her as she recovered. It included details for post-birth life at home, like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and baby care.

Read more about Katarina’s plans and birth story, including details of her recovery and plans for postpartum support.

Birth Plan Example 5: Home Birth Changed to an Emergency C-Section

Ruscha initially wanted a home birth; she felt safer at home than in a hospital. Her plan included as few medical interventions as possible. For instance, she didn’t want a fetal monitor on her baby’s head. She also had a hypnobirthing birth plan and outlined her wishes for immediate skin-to-skin contact, delayed cord clamping, and placenta encapsulation.

In the end, Ruscha needed a cesarean delivery, so her plan had to change. For more details on her home birth plan and what changed, read the rest of Ruscha’s birth story.

Birth Plan Template

Before you start creating a birth plan, it’s a good idea to understand all your birthing options. For more info on how to make a birth plan, along with a free birth plan template, go to our article “Make a Birth Plan Using This Template.”

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