7 People Share What It’s Really Like to Live with Psoriasis

By Lauren Krouse
December 06, 2021

After getting diagnosed with psoriasis, it’s common to struggle with feelings of low self-esteem, shame, or embarrassment. In the beginning, worries over what people might think when they see signs of a flare-up, like flakes or patches, can be deeply isolating. You might even find yourself going out less or avoiding activities you once loved.

But another common step in the journey of life with psoriasis is discovering that you aren’t alone. Whether you find your people in a support group, scrolling through Instagram, or on our psoriasis community, it can be so empowering to realize you’re part of a community. When shared, frustrations and challenges are easier to deal with. And moments of joy and successes feel even better when you get to celebrate with people who understand what you’re going through.

In this spirit, we asked seven people to tell us they have psoriasis without telling us they have psoriasis—in other words, to share the experiences they have that other members in the community would recognize. Here’s what they said.