6 Tips for Dating With MS, From Others Who’ve Been There

By Lauren Krouse
March 10, 2023

Dating can be complicated. Throw multiple sclerosis (MS) into the mix, and there may be more to consider when looking for a would-be partner. You might wonder: When should you tell a person you’re dating that you have MS? How can you deal with misunderstandings or unsolicited advice? And what can you do to boost your chances of finding a keeper? Here, gems of dating wisdom from people with MS who’ve been there.

1. Tell Your Date When You’re Ready

It’s a common concern with no easy answer, but the best time to let a date know about your MS is generally when you personally feel safe and comfortable doing so.

For example, Lissette Galarza, a 28-year-old ultramarathon runner living with MS in Yosemite, California, says she shared her diagnosis gradually with people she dated. “I really need to know this person before it becomes a conversation,” she says, “but it's sooner than later. I would start off with ‘We all have something, and all go through challenges as we grow through life.’” More details could be given later with greater trust in the relationship, she says.