Are These Nighttime Distractions Ruining Your Sleep?

By Kaitlin Vogel
July 22, 2022

Many of us get so caught up in our busy lives and hectic schedules that we treat sleep as a luxury. And a full night of restorative, uninterrupted sleep? That might as well be like winning the lottery.

Between the beeps of our devices, late-night pleas to play or snuggle from our pets, or disturbances from a partner or someone else we share our bedroom with (who may or may not snore…), it's hard to get the recommended seven to nine hours of uninterrupted shut-eye. And if we fail to get undisturbed sleep, it can have a negative effect that ripples through all aspects of our lives, ultimately affecting our mood, energy levels, relationships, and more.

Whatever wakes us up in the middle of the night isn’t just annoying—research suggests that disturbed nocturnal sleep may be associated with a range of health problems, from cardiovascular disease to an increased risk of death. That’s why it’s so important to fall and stay asleep—no interruptions.