6 Popular Menopause Treatment Options, Explained

By Stacey Feintuch
Reviewed by Alyssa Quimby, M.D.
April 19, 2022

Menopause is a natural, normal, and expected part of life. Though women tend to experience some uncomfortable symptoms as their bodies go through this change, they don’t actually have to be treated. In fact, you could choose to just wait it out until you’ve made the transition.

Still, many women want to lessen and prevent menopause issues like hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and painful sex. Whether you choose to do so will likely depend on how much these unpleasant symptoms affect you.

“The type and severity of symptoms varies drastically—anywhere from barely noticeable to complete disruption of quality of life,” says Sara Twogood, M.D., a board-certified ob/gyn in Los Angeles and co-founder of Female Health Education.