6 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Experiences 

By Alexandra Frost
December 05, 2022

If you ask someone what they want for a holiday gift, and they say, “Nothing,” it’s possible they really mean they don’t want anything. What you, or they, might not have considered, however, is that they’re actually saying they don’t want any more “stuff” but would potentially love an experience-based gift.

An “experience” gift may not be as popular as a material one, but for many of us, it’s more impactful. As we get older and into the middle years of our lives, we tend to recognize the value of time. Time alone. Time together with people we love. Time for self-care. Time to reflect. Many of us become aware how fleeting it all is and want experiences and time together rather than material items.

For these reasons, and many more, the following six women over 50 help clue us in on the experiences they hope to be gifted this holiday season, and why.