5 Skills Everyone Needs to Be a Better Leader

By Homaira Kabir
July 14, 2022

Why do many competent people stay stuck in jobs that have become too small for them? What keeps them from advancing to more senior levels despite having the ambition, the drive, and the expertise?

The answer lies in an elusive concept called leadership presence. Many high-achieving individuals are held back because they're told they lack what it takes to be a leader. But without being given elaboration or practical strategies to try, they're often left believing that we all either have this executive “It” factor or don't.

The good news is that leadership presence is entirely buildable once we break it down into tangible concepts. As a leadership coach, I've identified five key leadership concepts that are essential, whether you're leading a team of a few or a few hundred individuals. See which one(s) you may need to work on and what you can start doing today to move forward in becoming the leader you want to be.