5 Long-Term Couples Share Their Intimacy Secrets

By Lambeth Hochwald
January 23, 2023

No one ever said it’s easy to keep the magic alive when you’re in a long relationship, but there are plenty of couples who’ve found fail-safe formulas to staying intimate with each other, both emotionally and physically, through the years.

Meet five couples who’ve been in relationships for years who are making it work and loving each other deeply in the process. They’ve learned a lot about staying close—and their stories just might give you some ideas on how to keep the fire alive in your own relationship.

7 Years Together: It’s All About Communication

Ask Holly Soriano and she’ll gladly share her secret to a strong relationship: “Love is a commitment that is much stronger than an emotion,” says the 49-year-old filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. “It's also about putting things in perspective.”