Feeling Lonely? Here's What to Do About It

By Ashley Broadwater
August 25, 2022

Most of us have felt lonely at some point in our lives. According to the 2021 Loneliness in America survey conducted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, 36% of Americans overall, including 61% of young adults and 51% of mothers with young children, report feeling “serious loneliness,” meaning they had felt lonely frequently or almost all the time within the four weeks before taking the survey.

Sometimes, the reason for feeling isolated may be obvious—you’ve been working from home and haven’t seen other people that day, or you're going through a breakup with a romantic partner or friend. But loneliness can also find its way to you even when you’re surrounded by family at a gathering, or when your social calendar has been booked for weeks with meals and outings with friends.

4 Causes of Loneliness and How to Handle Them

Loneliness can feel all-consuming and overwhelming, especially when you think you’re doing all the “right things” to feel more connected and nothing seems to help. If you feel alone in a crowded room or find the usual advice—like simply spending more time with loved ones—just isn’t working, the following tips can help you identify the root cause of your loneliness and provide strategies to cope with it in a more meaningful way.