3 Tricks to Shorten a Psoriasis Flare-Up

By Claire Gillespie
August 23, 2021

Hailie W. always has a large supply of plastic wrap in her cabinet—and it’s not for prolonging the life of leftovers. Whenever she gets a psoriasis flare-up, she applies a thick layer of petroleum jelly to the affected area and covers it with the plastic wrap. “After a few hours, I remove the wrap, and my skin is less scaly and more moisturized,” Hailie explains. “I may not be able to prevent a flare-up, but I know my plastic-wrap technique helps shorten it.”

Hailie is right. Psoriasis is a notoriously unpredictable disease, and even if you stick to your recommended treatment plan and go to great lengths to avoid triggers, you can’t always escape those flare-ups.

Create a Moist Environment

Board-certified dermatologist Rhonda Klein, M.D. of Modern Dermatology in Westport, Connecticut, says Hailie’s plastic-wrap trick works because she’s creating a moist environment. A variation of this is an occlusion suit (also known as a “sauna suit”). Occlusion suits are available from various manufacturers, such as Delasco, where a washable nylon suit costs around $65.

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