3 Meditation Techniques for People Who Can't Keep Still

By Kaitlin Vogel
May 21, 2023

If you tend to associate meditation with sitting cross-legged and silent for hours on end, you might come away with the impression that it's not right for you. Especially if you find it hard to sit still. What we often get wrong about meditation is that we think it’s for one kind of person and done in one, highly specific way.

The reality is that meditation isn't just for a specific type of person—it’s for everyone. Research suggests that meditation may do everything from reduce blood pressure and help us cope with stressful times to boost self-compassion, attention, memory, and emotion regulation. And those are just some of the benefits you may enjoy if you give meditation a chance.

What's more, there are many different types of meditation to choose from, including some that are fidgeter-friendly. Check out these three variations on meditation if you seek a little more freedom in the relaxation technique.