Twill Care Healthcare Professionals

Dana Cooper, M.D.

Neurologist MS
Dr. Cooper treats people with a variety of neurologic conditions including MS, migraines, epilepsy, neuropathy, and dementia.
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Ahna Crum, R.D.N.

Dietitian MS
Crum helps people with MS and other conditions manage their health through evidence-based nutrition strategies.
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Jonathan Howard, M.D.

Neurologist MS
Dr. Howard is an associate professor of neurology and psychiatry and sees patients with MS at NYU Langone.
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Adam Kaplin, M.D.

Neuropsychiatrist MS
Dr. Kaplin has a background in both psychiatry and neurology. His research focuses on helping people with MS care for their mental and cognitive health.
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Anna Kratz, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist MS
Dr. Kratz has more than 15 years of experience working with people with MS and conducting MS research at the University of Michigan.
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Stephanie L. Singleton, OTD

Occupational Therapist MS
Dr. Singleton specializes in using adaptive equipment and technology to help improve quality of life for people with MS.
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Jeff Wilken, Ph.D.

Clinical Neuropsychologist MS
Dr. Wilken is an assistant professor at Georgetown University Medical Center and a partner at Neuropsychology Associative of Fairfax.
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